Daphne is a 3 year old girl who ruptured a cruciate ligament in April of 2013.  Unfortunately, her family could not afford to have it fixed immediately and she tore her other knee ligaments because of "over compensation"  which was exacerbated due to her extra weight.  Her owners had to release her to FORM so that she could get the surgery that will allow her to live a long and healthy life.  Daphne is sweet and loving---a true ambassador for the breed.  She is losing weight and has had one knee repaired and will have the other knee fixed in a few months when her first rehabilitation is completed.  Her foster family feels that she will make an excellent therapy dog, so after her recuperations, she will begin her continuing education program and help others who are on the mend!


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While many breeds use mastiff in their name, Friends of Rescued Mastiffs is chartered to rescue the English Mastiff (OEM).

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